763px-Australian saddleback tumbler

The Australian Saddleback Tumbler is a Breed of Fancy Pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding.[1] Australian Saddleback Tumblers, along with other varieties of Domestic Pigeon, are all descendants from the Rock Pigeon (Columba livia). As the name suggests, this breed is an Australia creation. First recognized as a breed in 1917.[2]

The breed is usually muffed (feather-legged) but a clean legged variety does exist. The name of the breed derives from a distinctive saddle-shaped marking on the back. The marking on the head can be either a stripe (most common) or spot. Australian Saddleback Tumblers can be shown in any color, but some of the more common are: black, red, yellow, blue, silver, almond and andalusian.[2]

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